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    Qualified down products is safety

    Author:    Date:2015/1/5

          In recent years, cases of bird flu was found in multiple regions of the country, so that some people had doubts about the safety of the use of down products, this is because they don't understand down the production process caused by.

       At present, our country is down and products the world's biggest production country, exporting country, is also the largest consumer country, down products have emerged in recent years the growth in the domestic market. Characteristics of down by its natural, gentle, warm, comfortable, won the favorite of consumers. Everyone down jacket, down quilt, but do not understand how the feather processing.

       Feather is refers to from the goose and duck (waterfowl) surface gathering plumage, these raw wool need repeated washing, and then at 120~130 DEG C high temperature high pressure disinfection, drying after 30 minutes of wool processing. According to the USA poultry disease expert Branson W.Ritchie in his book "avian virus: activities and control" (Avian Viruses: Function and Control) reported: the bird flu virus at 56 DEG C temperature can only survive for 2 to 3 minutes. In addition, WHO conclusion, the bird flu virus in a high temperature of 70 deg.c for 2 minutes inactivated. That is to say, the avian influenza virus is not resistant to high temperature. So, this feather and product standards in accordance with the process of high temperature and high pressure drying disinfection produced, is simply not possible with avian influenza virus. Therefore, the use of feather and qualified products are safe, consumers can rest assured that the use of.

       Also recommended that consumers in the purchase of feather products, to the formal shopping malls or down products store to buy famous brand products, do not covet cheap to make themselves be deceived.

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