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    The difference of down and feather

    Author:    Date:2015/1/5

    The down we commonly referred to as virtually divided down and feather .

    "Velvet" is composed of many valuables irregular hollow filaments links on a central point made floc shape flowers, called velvet flowers; "hair" is composed of a central axis (commonly known as hair bone) on both sides of the connection and the Yuchi into, the shape of the blades, called "raw footage" velvet fluffy, soft, dry, warm and good; hair hard, sting, easy possession odor wet, warm and poor.

    Cashmere meaning
    Cashmere rate refers to the proportion of cashmere and cashmere 90% (90/10), then the content of 90% cashmere, fine wool Tablets 10%, other content and so on.
    Meaning velvet weight
    Weight refers to the filling into the velvet dress in velvet weight.
    Down superiority
    Natural feather, fluffy, soft, breathable, washable, comfortable, warm, high temperature processing, sterile environment, can maintain the temperature of the human body needs, and very good permeability, is the best natural warmth filler.

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