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    How to identify down and down CT?

    Author:    Date:2015/1/5

    Velvet is poultry feathers, feathers and down cotton is similar to the cotton fiber products..

    Feather is long, the goose and duck's stomach into reed flowers of villi, the slice of feathers. , the feather is a kind of animal protein fibers, is higher than cotton (plant fiber), heat preservation, and feather ball fiber in the thousands of tiny pores, triangle can change with the temperature expansion and contraction, temperature adjustment function, can absorb the human body is sending out flow of heat, isolated from the outside cold air invasion. Down into the goose down and duck down, but the market is common duck down.


    Feather cotton: made of different specifications of the superfine fiber through special process manufacturing, because like a feather, so called down cotton, filled the gap of market down substitutes. The product has light, feel is exquisite, soft, good insulation, not easy deformation, not through silk, with down and feather feeling, its thermal performance more than the same gram weight down, can be widely used in down jacket, ski jacket, winter coat to keep warm and other products. Eiderdown cotton were divided into two kinds: one kind is comb shape, feel is similar to the dupont cotton, also known as the imitation velvet cotton; The second for molding, similar to the PP cotton, feel is close to the feather, is an ideal substitute of down! So-called eiderdown cotton, in fact, the hollow cotton, but is not really a cotton, but rather with hollow polyester fiber as a filler, because the air is insulated, so has certain warmth retention property.


    In terms of both comparison, difference is obvious:


    (1) down and feather are natural fibers, cotton feather (hollow cotton) belong to the chemical fiber;


    (2)down grade higher, better quality, of course, selling price is also higher;


    (3) heat preservation performance is better than cotton feather down jacket.

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