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    The 20th aniversary of CFDIA

    Author:    Date:2015/1/4

    On December 4, 2014, the 20th anniversary of the founding of China down industrial association celebration was held in hangzhou xiaoshan. From the association vice President, managing director, director unit, the member units, industrial cluster government and industry association, the representative of the domestic and foreign related organization, as well as industry international friends and so on more than 300 people attended the meeting. Conference aims to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of China down industrial association, and industry colleagues and friends at home and abroad together to witness the industry with 20 years of development, reviewing the past, looking to the future, and for the past couple of years of association of industry and make a significant contribution to the development of enterprises, units and individuals to recognize. Celebration hosted by association deputy secretary-general jiang in dragon.


    China down industrial association chairman yao small tendril in celebration of the Chinese down industry 20 years development course is reviewed. Bosideng chairman bosideng, willow bridge group chairman Fu Miaokui agricultural group chairman, feather Dai Zhenqiu on behalf of the member enterprise; Xiaoshan district, xintang street agency working committee secretary Wu Huihui on behalf of the feather industry cluster; International feather testing laboratory Wilford, President Mr. Lieber, technical committee chairman, the Taiwan international feather bureau feather trade councils of export trades Chen Kun yao on behalf of the international friends and industry group delivered a speech at the conference. At the same time, in the badminton association also received the China light industry federation, the international association of feather feather bureau, Europe, Japan, feather products and composite Chinese down the congratulations of xiaoshan, and other industrial cluster.


    Finally, association issued "about recognition of China's best unit and individual decision of feather industry" (hereinafter referred to as "the recognition decision"), on the 20th anniversary of the founding association, units and individuals for good honors: grant bosideng feather industry outstanding contribution award "China"; Awarded bosideng international holdings co., LTD. 10 companies such as "China feather industry service enterprise" honorary title; Awarded MeiDong 10 entrepreneurs such as "China feat feather industry entrepreneurs" title of honor; Awarded the guangdong feather wei 15 companies such as agriculture group co., LTD. "China feather industry outstanding enterprise" honorary title; Awarded Dai Zhenqiu 15 entrepreneurs such as "China's feather industry outstanding entrepreneur" title of honor; Awarded Wilford k. Mr. Lieber "China feather industry international cooperation award"; Awarded the zhejiang exit inspection and quarantine laboratory tests of feather down five laboratory such as the honorary title of "outstanding testing laboratory" in the trade of the feather. Read after the completion of the commendation decision ", and held a ceremony at the scene of the meeting.



    Guangdong YuShun Down Products Co., Ltd @copyright 2015 [后臺管理] 
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