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    How to choose down products?

    Author:    Date:2015/1/5

     How to choose down products? Experts teach you four strokes.

        First look, look at the product has no trademark and other products labeled are produced in accordance with the criteria, what type of down filling, to ensure that not a "three non-product." So if this product has problems, but also can find "home" in order to safeguard their rights.

        Second touch, feel the softness through direct touch, touch when the product should feel resilient tile, good flexibility, it shows the poor quality of this product.

       Three shot, facing the light source pat, see if there is dust and boats hair, there is no drilling down phenomenon. If you have hairs drilled out from the fabric or stitch drilled out from the foot, it shows anti-velvet density of the product is not enough.

        Four smell, sniff there is no smell. Smell it shows produced from non-formal manufacturers.

      What conservation feather products?

      Feather products in general are not afraid of washing, but how washing is critical. Generally, jackets, duvets and other products are not suitable for washing at home.

      If you must wash detergent feathers to choose a professional, Silky detergent, shampoo is no such line, but do not use detergent. Be sure to drying after washing, drying, dried, and so
    after a shot time it will restore elasticity.

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