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    About us

    Guangdong Yushun Down Products Co., Ltd


     Supplier of environmentally-friendly washing down with good quality,

    who produces and markets on his own!


    Guangdong Yushun Down Products Co., Ltd is located in "Town of China Down & Feather" -Wuchuan city in Guangdong province. We have more than 10 years experience in pretreating raw down and feather. We own large-scale base of pretreating raw down and feather in Pearl River Delta,  where down and feather with good quality in South China is mainly concentrated. In order to serve our dear customers better, we improved production facilities further by investigating in building a new plant in Wuchuan in 2011. We are specializing in producing environmentally-friendly washed down with different content and washed feather of grey goose, grey duck, white goose, and white duck.

    We stick to the management philosophy of high standard, high starting point, high requirements and high quality. Therefore, we enjoy high reputation in the same trade. Our plant is modern and beautiful. We own the most advanced type 3000 washing lines. Down and feather are washed with environmentally-friendly detergent w/o APEO. Our products have passed authorities’ inspections such as Guangzhou National Textile and Garment Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center etc. Every indicator of inspections reached or even passed the national industrial standard.

    Our great advantage is combing unique raw materials base with washing base together. Producing and marketing down and feather products by our own, we can offer more competitive price with high quality. All walks of life from home and abroad are welcome to cooperate and create brilliance together with us!

    Guangdong YuShun Down Products Co., Ltd @copyright 2015 [后臺管理] 
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